Terms & Conditions

Order Processing & Payment

  1. All orders are processed and delivered within 3-7 working days of order confirmation.
  2. Customers are responsible for reviewing their confirmation email and advising of any corrections by 12 noon on the Thursday before their order is fulfilled. Changes to an order cannot be guaranteed after this time. Please note, last minute order changes may result in the order being delayed.
  3. Payment in full must be made before/on site of delivery of the product.
  4. Currently the payment options are Cash On Delivery or Wire Transfer. Customers wishing to do a wire transfer may contact customer care at info@beagoodie.com to get more information. Personal cheques will not be accepted.

Pickup & Delivery

  1. Delivery of products is currently only available within the Kingston/St Andrew area.
  2. Delivery is done on Saturdays and Sundays only. Orders placed during the week (Sunday to Friday) will be processed for delivery that weekend. Read more for info on pickup/delivery.
  3. Customers must provide preferred day/time for pickup/delivery in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.
  4. If the customer is not available for delivery on the weekend following purchase, Be A Goodie will reschedule delivery for the following week. If the customer is not available for delivery on two occasions, the consumer will be required to arrange for pickup of the product.
  5. Products not collected within 30 days will be considered abandoned, and the order will be cancelled. Customers who have paid will be refunded their purchase.


  1. Be A Goodie JA does not make any medical claims about any of our products. Goodie products do not claim to be substitutes for prescribed medication for dermatological conditions.
  2. If the customer is suffering from existing skin conditions, Be A Goodie JA advises that the customer contacts his/her dermatologist before use of the Goodie products.
  3. Customers are asked to carefully read the ingredients listed to avoid any known allergens. If an allergic reaction occurs, customers are advised to immediately discontinue use of the product and contact a medical professional.
  4. Be A Goodie JA does not take responsibility for allergic reactions that may occur from contact with any of the listed ingredients during use of the product.

Customer Privacy

  1. Be A Goodie JA will not share or disclose customer’s personal information.
  2. Customer privacy is important to us, and Be A Goodie JA will never sell or share customer’s personal information to third party companies for marketing or information gathering purposes.


  1. Products are eligible for refund/exchange in the event of:
    • incorrect order received
    • unsatisfactory order received (package broken or dirty, missing components)
  2. If an online purchase is unsatisfactory upon receipt, the customer should contact customer care via email at info@beagoodie.com within five (5) business days of receipt of order.